It feels as if both RAW and SmackDown have fascinating places to go to following Mania

The post-Eric Weddle era hasn t been a smooth transition for the Chargers. Jahleel Addae and Dwight Lowery left plenty to be desired, and the Chargers defense allowed the fourth-most points in the NFL in 2016. While the offensive line could use help too, the team s No. 7 overall selection could definitely be used to shore up the back of the Chargers secondary.

What we learned: This wasn t initially supposed to be Taker s last match. At least, it never seemed that way. In the last few days before Mania, though, rumors swirled that Jim Ross was being brought back in to call it, and that it was going on last, and then not only did these things occur, but Undertaker s wife, former WWE wrestler Michelle McCool, showed up to watch this match behind the commentary desk.

While the match itself is totally forgettable again, hard to fault anyone for that except for the ravages of time the moment it created, with Taker slowly taking off all the signature items of his character to leave them in a pile in the ring before exiting to a chorus of chants thanking him for his decades in WWE, is something that will stick with everyone who saw it. Thank you, Taker.

WrestleMania 33 was a ton of fun, even NFL Jerseys Outlet with a downer of a last match and a dud of a WWE World Championship bout. There were eight mostly successful hours here, and it seems as if WWE learned from the mistakes of WrestleMania 32 by speeding the entire event up and also making sure The Rock didn t show up to waste everyone s time for no good reason at all.

It feels as if both RAW and SmackDown have fascinating Cheap NFL Jerseys China places to go to following Mania, and other than being entertained by the event itself, that s kind of the point of the event, yeah?