Madison Bumgarner was the first pitcher to hit two home runs on Opening Day

The powerful Reigns certainly had his moments in the early stages of the match, but the otherworldly ring finesse and awareness of Undertaker allowed him to find answers for almost everything the Big Dog threw at him and dominate the early stages of the match. That is, until Reigns speared Undertaker through the Spanish announce table, a huge move that took a massive toll on the aging Dead Man.

That gave Cena the opening he needed to get to Nikki Bella, tagging her in and forcing Maryse into the match on the other side. She dominated Maryse with ease, setting up a double Five Knuckle Shuffle, with Cena hitting his trademark move on Miz at the same time before they hit their finishers in stereo, with both of them getting covers on their rivals to win the match with ease.

During the celebration, Cena grabbed a microphone, and, after extolling her virtues and how hard she fought to get another WrestleMania moment, got down on one knee with a small black box in hand. As many wrestling fans have suspected for weeks now, John Cena proposed to Nikki Bella.

What you’re looking at is a) the location, b) the chyron in the bottom-right that confirms it was 100 mph, c) the sudden shift of Addison Russell’s hands into bunt mode, which is the fetal position of baseball, and d) the I-just-threw-100-mph strut of Martinez as he walks around the mound. Not pictured: the nasty changeups that set this all up.

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Madison Bumgarner was the first pitcher to hit two home runs on Opening Day. Baseball keeps chugging away, but there are still unexpected milestones to make us feel like kids again.